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DBDS10K1X/100 Rexroth Type DBDS Relief Valves

DBDS10K1X/100 Rexroth Type DBDS Relief Valves

Our mission is to serve our customers as a trusted ally, providing you with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Since many vacuum processes are critical steps in applications, we vow to make sure that our customers have what they need to run their vacuum equipment and processes with maximum efficiency and relia…
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DBDS10K1X/100 Rexroth Type DBDS Relief Valves

Our mission is to serve our customers as a trusted ally, providing you with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Since many vacuum processes are critical steps in applications, we vow to make sure that our customers have what they need to run their vacuum equipment and processes with maximum efficiency and reliability. We will be there when you need us.if you’re looking for Hydraulic Pumps,Pumps,Hydraulic Motors,Motors,Hydraulic Cylinder,Air Cylinders,Solenoid Valves,Pressure Valves,Check Valves, Flow Valves, Proportional Valves, Filter Elements,Fittings,Gas Claw,Vacuum,Connectors,Components and Accessories,Auto spare parts, then you’ve come to the right place., enable Leader to greatly enhance quality deeply and broadly, and continue towards the top goal; with rigorous and far-reaching quality strategy and perseverance

Rexroth Type DBD Pressure Relief Valves,Direct Operated
DBDS10K1X/100 Rexroth Type DBDS Relief Valves
Size 6 … 30
Component series 1X
Maximum operating pressure 630 bar [9150 psi]
Maximum flow 330 l/min [87 US gpm]
As screw-in cartridge valve (cartridge)
For threaded connection
For subplate mounting
Adjustment types for pressure adjustment, optionally:
 Bushing with hexagon and protective cap
 Rotary knob
 Hand wheel
 Lockable rotary knob

Rexroth Type DBD Pressure Relief Valves Ordering Code:

DBDS10K1X/100 Rexroth Type DBDS Relief Valves

DBDS10K1X/100 Rexroth Type DBDS Relief Valves

Rexroth Type DBDH Pressure Relief Valves Model List:
R900424738 DBDS10G1X/100
R900341363 DBDS10G1X/100/12
R900769619 DBDS10G1X/100E
R900424739 DBDS10G1X/100V
R900349041 DBDS10G1X/100V/12
R901233054 DBDS10G1X/105E
R901034804 DBDS10G1X/110E
R900772782 DBDS10G1X/120E
R901185590 DBDS10G1X/125E
R900778044 DBDS10G1X/130E
R901185479 DBDS10G1X/135E
R901026426 DBDS10G1X/140E
R900769507 DBDS10G1X/150E
R901136834 DBDS10G1X/160E
R901117802 DBDS10G1X/165E
R900773192 DBDS10G1X/170E
R900769606 DBDS10G1X/180E
R901013662 DBDS10G1X/190E
R900424140 DBDS10G1X/200
R900341591 DBDS10G1X/200/12
R900769540 DBDS10G1X/200E
R900424741 DBDS10G1X/200V
R900343963 DBDS10G1X/200V/12
R900774958 DBDS10G1X/205E
R900769379 DBDS10G1X/210E
R900772319 DBDS10G1X/220E
R900769565 DBDS10G1X/230E
R900783238 DBDS10G1X/240E
R900423743 DBDS10G1X/25
R900351411 DBDS10G1X/25/12
R901012705 DBDS10G1X/250E
R900423889 DBDS10G1X/25V
R900340153 DBDS10G1X/25V/12
R901011611 DBDS10G1X/275E
R900773229 DBDS10G1X/280E
R901124323 DBDS10G1X/300E
R900777079 DBDS10G1X/30E
R901083276 DBDS10G1X/310E
R900424742 DBDS10G1X/315
R900377746 DBDS10G1X/315/12
R900769430 DBDS10G1X/315E
R900424743 DBDS10G1X/315V
R900340488 DBDS10G1X/315V/12
R901124724 DBDS10G1X/315V/12E
R901143312 DBDS10G1X/320E
R900769509 DBDS10G1X/330E
R901004628 DBDS10G1X/340E
R901142782 DBDS10G1X/345E
R901010969 DBDS10G1X/350E
R901004635 DBDS10G1X/360E
R900776416 DBDS10G1X/370E
R900424744 DBDS10G1X/400
R900342738 DBDS10G1X/400/12
R900787687 DBDS10G1X/400E
R900437349 DBDS10G1X/400V
R900395060 DBDS10G1X/400V/12
R901015106 DBDS10G1X/40E
R900424745 DBDS10G1X/50
R900347687 DBDS10G1X/50/12
R901055217 DBDS10G1X/50E
R900424146 DBDS10G1X/50V
R901233052 DBDS10G1X/55E
R901040333 DBDS10G1X/60E
R900769413 DBDS10G1X/70E
R901002782 DBDS10G1X/80E
R901167026 DBDS10G1X/95E
R900424147 DBDS10K1X/100
R900769364 DBDS10K1X/100E
R900424148 DBDS10K1X/100V
R900778385 DBDS10K1X/105E
R900773199 DBDS10K1X/110E
R900774524 DBDS10K1X/120E
R901083487 DBDS10K1X/125E
R900778127 DBDS10K1X/130E
R901185486 DBDS10K1X/135E
R900768630 DBDS10K1X/140E
R900769405 DBDS10K1X/150E
R900769414 DBDS10K1X/160E
R901051411 DBDS10K1X/165E
R900773193 DBDS10K1X/170E
R900769515 DBDS10K1X/175E
R900769542 DBDS10K1X/180E
R901008850 DBDS10K1X/185E
R900774433 DBDS10K1X/190E
R900424149 DBDS10K1X/200
R900769281 DBDS10K1X/200E
R900427940 DBDS10K1X/200V
R900775211 DBDS10K1X/205E
R900768636 DBDS10K1X/210E
R900769557 DBDS10K1X/220E
R901009465 DBDS10K1X/225E
R900772554 DBDS10K1X/230E
R900772555 DBDS10K1X/230VE
R900769611 DBDS10K1X/240E
R900420276 DBDS10K1X/25
R900769280 DBDS10K1X/250E
R900082639 DBDS10K1X/25P15
R900462393 DBDS10K1X/25V
R900769381 DBDS10K1X/260E
R900773947 DBDS10K1X/265E
R900772073 DBDS10K1X/270E
R901003314 DBDS10K1X/275E
R900769581 DBDS10K1X/280E
R900775126 DBDS10K1X/290E
R900769380 DBDS10K1X/300E
R900773231 DBDS10K1X/305E
R900773214 DBDS10K1X/30E
R900769588 DBDS10K1X/310E
R900424150 DBDS10K1X/315
R900769279 DBDS10K1X/315E
R900424151 DBDS10K1X/315V
R900773478 DBDS10K1X/320E
R900769625 DBDS10K1X/325E
R900768628 DBDS10K1X/330E
R900773185 DBDS10K1X/335E
R901000413 DBDS10K1X/340E
R900769439 DBDS10K1X/345E
R900769399 DBDS10K1X/350E
R901075535 DBDS10K1X/35E
R900769572 DBDS10K1X/360E
R900776591 DBDS10K1X/370E
R900769546 DBDS10K1X/375E
R900769589 DBDS10K1X/380E
R900781136 DBDS10K1X/385E
R900424152 DBDS10K1X/400
R900769437 DBDS10K1X/400E
R900457420 DBDS10K1X/400V
R901018555 DBDS10K1X/40E
R900773011 DBDS10K1X/420E
R901001714 DBDS10K1X/440E
R900769516 DBDS10K1X/450E
R901005533 DBDS10K1X/480E
R900769517 DBDS10K1X/490E
R900424153 DBDS10K1X/50
R900769551 DBDS10K1X/500E
R900769595 DBDS10K1X/50E
R900424154 DBDS10K1X/50V
R900779823 DBDS10K1X/520E
R901184358 DBDS10K1X/525E
R901012111 DBDS10K1X/530E
R901135134 DBDS10K1X/540E
R900769596 DBDS10K1X/550E
R901153768 DBDS10K1X/55E
R901184353 DBDS10K1X/590E
R901168133 DBDS10K1X/600E
R900773196 DBDS10K1X/60E
R900427601 DBDS10K1X/630
R901011824 DBDS10K1X/630E
R900496034 DBDS10K1X/630V
R901054584 DBDS10K1X/65E
R900769419 DBDS10K1X/70E
R901024230 DBDS10K1X/75E
R900772156 DBDS10K1X/80E
R901120746 DBDS10K1X/85E
R900781876 DBDS10K1X/90E
R901167046 DBDS10K1X/95E
R900424155 DBDS10P1X/100
R900780314 DBDS10P1X/100E
R900424156 DBDS10P1X/100V
R900775512 DBDS10P1X/110E
R901028312 DBDS10P1X/160E
R900424157 DBDS10P1X/200
R900505707 DBDS10P1X/200/12
R900772168 DBDS10P1X/200E
R900435016 DBDS10P1X/200V
R900773194 DBDS10P1X/210E
R901197599 DBDS10P1X/220E
R900426905 DBDS10P1X/25
R900783589 DBDS10P1X/25/12
R900478124 DBDS10P1X/25V
R901060443 DBDS10P1X/30E
R900424158 DBDS10P1X/315
R900596810 DBDS10P1X/315/12
R900778434 DBDS10P1X/315E
R900424159 DBDS10P1X/315V
R900553183 DBDS10P1X/315V/12
R901039840 DBDS10P1X/320E
R900769440 DBDS10P1X/330E
R901242203 DBDS10P1X/340E
R900769543 DBDS10P1X/350E
R901072699 DBDS10P1X/375E
R900425660 DBDS10P1X/400
R901000273 DBDS10P1X/400E
R900491662 DBDS10P1X/400V
R900456003 DBDS10P1X/400V/12
R900425661 DBDS10P1X/50
R900537103 DBDS10P1X/50/12
R901002835 DBDS10P1X/50E
R900427244 DBDS10P1X/50V
R901111674 DBDS10P1X/60E
R901043646 DBDS10P1X/70E
R901249057 DBDS10P1X/75E
R901053481 DBDS10P1X/80E
R900781736 DBDS10P1X/90E
R900424162 DBDS15G1X/100
R900369921 DBDS15G1X/100/12
R900437650 DBDS15G1X/100V
R900424163 DBDS15G1X/200
R900375503 DBDS15G1X/200/12
R900424164 DBDS15G1X/200V
R900426898 DBDS15G1X/25
R900350325 DBDS15G1X/25/12
R900470269 DBDS15G1X/25V
R900424165 DBDS15G1X/315
R900458682 DBDS15G1X/315/12
R900474169 DBDS15G1X/315V
R900424166 DBDS15G1X/400
R900353041 DBDS15G1X/400/12
R901037475 DBDS15G1X/400V
R900424167 DBDS15G1X/50
R900534613 DBDS15G1X/50/12
R900433981 DBDS15G1X/50V
R900424170 DBDS20G1X/100
R900346720 DBDS20G1X/100/12
R901014525 DBDS20G1X/100E
R900424171 DBDS20G1X/100V
R900534735 DBDS20G1X/100V/12
R901033180 DBDS20G1X/110E
R900769577 DBDS20G1X/120E
R901002446 DBDS20G1X/140E
R901017079 DBDS20G1X/150E
R900777475 DBDS20G1X/160E
R900769613 DBDS20G1X/170E
R901055662 DBDS20G1X/180E
R987212442 DBDS20G1X/190E
R901162235 DBDS20G1X/190E
R900424172 DBDS20G1X/200
R900345502 DBDS20G1X/200/12
R900781556 DBDS20G1X/200E
R900424173 DBDS20G1X/200V
R900397459 DBDS20G1X/200V/12
R900776594 DBDS20G1X/210E
R900773232 DBDS20G1X/220E
R900783481 DBDS20G1X/230E
R901161120 DBDS20G1X/240E
R900422544 DBDS20G1X/25
R900367037 DBDS20G1X/25/12
R901011546 DBDS20G1X/250E
R900462896 DBDS20G1X/25V
R901076474 DBDS20G1X/260E
R901171453 DBDS20G1X/270E
R900772199 DBDS20G1X/275E
R900782834 DBDS20G1X/300E
R901092646 DBDS20G1X/305E
R900783482 DBDS20G1X/30E
R900424174 DBDS20G1X/315
R900356476 DBDS20G1X/315/12
R900769412 DBDS20G1X/315E
R901082131 DBDS20G1X/315SO157
R900438105 DBDS20G1X/315V
R901045253 DBDS20G1X/325E
R901035944 DBDS20G1X/330E
R901017078 DBDS20G1X/340E
R901042295 DBDS20G1X/350E
R900778433 DBDS20G1X/370E
R900424175 DBDS20G1X/400
R900778467 DBDS20G1X/400E
R900478766 DBDS20G1X/400V
R900428612 DBDS20G1X/400V/12
R900424276 DBDS20G1X/50
R900379694 DBDS20G1X/50/12
R901252808 DBDS20G1X/50E
R900427604 DBDS20G1X/50V
R901099829 DBDS20G1X/80E
R900787686 DBDS20G1X/85E
R900424267 DBDS20K1X/100
R900769597 DBDS20K1X/100E
R900424268 DBDS20K1X/100V
R900772531 DBDS20K1X/100VE
R900778504 DBDS20K1X/110E
R900769590 DBDS20K1X/120E
R901114264 DBDS20K1X/125E
R900783567 DBDS20K1X/130E
R900772728 DBDS20K1X/140E
R900769548 DBDS20K1X/150E
R900773219 DBDS20K1X/155E
R900773220 DBDS20K1X/160E
R901119105 DBDS20K1X/165E
R900774523 DBDS20K1X/170E
R901147618 DBDS20K1X/175E
R900769598 DBDS20K1X/180E
R900775093 DBDS20K1X/185E
R901055590 DBDS20K1X/190E
R900424269 DBDS20K1X/200
R900769552 DBDS20K1X/200E
R900424270 DBDS20K1X/200V
R900769368 DBDS20K1X/210E
R900769392 DBDS20K1X/220E
R900773235 DBDS20K1X/230E
R900774529 DBDS20K1X/240E
R901119412 DBDS20K1X/245E
R900422542 DBDS20K1X/25
R900768632 DBDS20K1X/250E
R901174301 DBDS20K1X/255E
R900474243 DBDS20K1X/25V
R900773236 DBDS20K1X/260E
R900778752 DBDS20K1X/265E
R901030083 DBDS20K1X/270E
R900774405 DBDS20K1X/275E
R900773237 DBDS20K1X/280E
R901193477 DBDS20K1X/285E
R901000337 DBDS20K1X/290E
R901154064 DBDS20K1X/295E
R900769626 DBDS20K1X/300E
R901100499 DBDS20K1X/305E
R900775990 DBDS20K1X/30E
R901028926 DBDS20K1X/310E
R900424271 DBDS20K1X/315
R900769391 DBDS20K1X/315E
R900424082 DBDS20K1X/315V
R900773245 DBDS20K1X/320E
R901045826 DBDS20K1X/325E
R900769627 DBDS20K1X/330E
R901070760 DBDS20K1X/335E
R900769628 DBDS20K1X/340E
R901126079 DBDS20K1X/345E
R900769431 DBDS20K1X/350E
R900769621 DBDS20K1X/360E
R901212419 DBDS20K1X/365E
R900778574 DBDS20K1X/370E
R901074535 DBDS20K1X/380E
R900424203 DBDS20K1X/400
R900774525 DBDS20K1X/400E
R900424204 DBDS20K1X/400V
R901056073 DBDS20K1X/40E
R900424205 DBDS20K1X/50
R900772726 DBDS20K1X/50E
R900424273 DBDS20K1X/50V
R900781694 DBDS20K1X/55E
R900785898 DBDS20K1X/55E
R901157235 DBDS20K1X/60E
R901003702 DBDS20K1X/65E
R901016092 DBDS20K1X/70E
R901062664 DBDS20K1X/75E
R901004619 DBDS20K1X/80E
R900769608 DBDS20K1X/85E
R900778503 DBDS20K1X/90E
R900424274 DBDS20P1X/100
R900424275 DBDS20P1X/100V
R901060467 DBDS20P1X/120E
R901211426 DBDS20P1X/150E
R901140126 DBDS20P1X/165E
R901030387 DBDS20P1X/180E
R900424277 DBDS20P1X/200
R900539105 DBDS20P1X/200/12
R900769488 DBDS20P1X/200E
R900447684 DBDS20P1X/200V
R901074891 DBDS20P1X/210E
R901116005 DBDS20P1X/220E
R900787350 DBDS20P1X/230E
R900773690 DBDS20P1X/240E
R900430311 DBDS20P1X/25
R901014420 DBDS20P1X/250E
R900395219 DBDS20P1X/25V
R900773691 DBDS20P1X/260E
R901100582 DBDS20P1X/270E
R901098641 DBDS20P1X/280E
R901011949 DBDS20P1X/30E
R900424278 DBDS20P1X/315
R901062649 DBDS20P1X/315E
R900437810 DBDS20P1X/315V
R900783372 DBDS20P1X/320E
R901059446 DBDS20P1X/340E
R901219739 DBDS20P1X/350E
R900424279 DBDS20P1X/400
R900975431 DBDS20P1X/400/12
R900773109 DBDS20P1X/400E
R900464875 DBDS20P1X/400V
R900424272 DBDS20P1X/50
R900439957 DBDS20P1X/50V


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