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DD08 Series Ductile Valve Manifold

DD08 Series Ductile Valve Manifold

Our mission is to serve our customers as a trusted ally, providing you with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Since many vacuum processes are critical steps in applications, we vow to make sure that our customers have what they need to run their vacuum equipment and processes with maximum efficiency and relia…
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DD08 Series Ductile Valve Manifold

Our mission is to serve our customers as a trusted ally, providing you with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Since many vacuum processes are critical steps in applications, we vow to make sure that our customers have what they need to run their vacuum equipment and processes with maximum efficiency and reliability. We will be there when you need us.if you’re looking for Hydraulic Pumps,Pumps,Hydraulic Motors,Motors,Hydraulic Cylinder,Air Cylinders,Solenoid Valves,Pressure Valves,Check Valves, Flow Valves, Proportional Valves, Filter Elements,Fittings,Gas Claw,Vacuum,Connectors,Components and Accessories,Auto spare parts, then you’ve come to the right place., enable Leader to greatly enhance quality deeply and broadly, and continue towards the top goal; with rigorous and far-reaching quality strategy and perseverance

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Here is the D08 Series Standard Flow Parallel Circuit Manifold we can offer:


DD08CPP Ductile Cover Plate
DD08CPPG Ductile Cover Plate
DD08CPPGM Ductile Cover Plate
DD08CPPM Ductile Cover Plate
DD08CPS Ductile Cover Plate
DD08CPSM Ductile Cover Plate
DD08D07VAAB Ductile Valve Adaptor
DD08D10VAAB Ductile Valve Adaptor
DD08D10VAABM Ductile Valve Adaptor
DD08D1D12VAAB Ductile Valve Adaptor
DD08D2D06VAAB Ductile Valve Adaptor
DD08HP015B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015F/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015F/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015F/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015F/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015F/M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015F/M1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015F/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015M/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015P/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015S/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP015T Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025B/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025B/PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025B/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/1PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/1PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/CPAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025F/SPAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025M/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025M/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025P/1PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025P/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/1CPAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/1PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/1TA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/CPAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/CPAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/CPATAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/SPAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/SPAR Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025S/TA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP025T Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027F/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027F/1PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027F/1PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027F/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027F/CPATAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027F/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027F/SPATAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027S/1PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027S/CPAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027S/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027S/PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP027S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035B/PBTB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035B/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035F/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035F/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035F/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035F/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035F/CPATAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035F/M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035F/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035F/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035M/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S/1PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S/1PBTB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S/PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S/PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S/PBTB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP035T Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP037B/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP037F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP037F/1CPAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP037F/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP037F/TB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP037S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP037S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP037S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045F/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045F/1PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045F/1PC Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045F/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045F/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045F/CPAR Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045F/M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045F/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/1CPAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/1PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/PCTC Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP045T Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP047B/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP047F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP047F/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP047S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP047S/PC Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055F/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055F/M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055S/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055S/PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055S/PC Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP055S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP057M/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP057S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP057S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP057S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP065F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP065F/M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP065F/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP065M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP065S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP065S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP065S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP067F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP075F Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP075F/M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP075M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP075S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP075S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP075S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08HP085F/M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015P/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015P/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015S/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P015T/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025B/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025P/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025P/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025P/PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025P/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/1PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/1PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/1SPAR Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/1TA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/CPAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/CPAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/CPAR Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/SPAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/SPAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P025S/TA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027P/1PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027P/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027S/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027S/1PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027S/CPATAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027S/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027S/PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P027S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035B/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035M/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035P/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035P/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035P/CPAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035P/PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035P/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/1CPAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/1PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/1PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/1PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/1SPAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/1SPBD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/CPAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/PATA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/SPBD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/SPBR Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P035S/SPBTBD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P037B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P037P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P037P/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P037S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P037S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P037S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P037S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045P/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045P/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045P/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045P/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/1C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/CPAL Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/CPBD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/CPCD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/PC Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/PCTC Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/SPBD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P045S/TA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P047B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P047P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P047P/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P047S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P047S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P047S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P047S/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P047S/PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P047S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055P/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055S/1SPDD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055S/PB Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055S/PC Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055S/PD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055S/SPATAD Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P055S/TA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P057B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P057P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P057P/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P057S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P057S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P057S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P057S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065M Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065M/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065P/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065S/1 Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065S/1PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065S/1S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065S/PA Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065S/PC Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P065S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P075B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P075P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P075S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P075S/C Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08P075S/S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08S025B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08S025P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08S025S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08S027B Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08S027S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08S035P Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08S035S Ductile Valve Manifold
DD08S037S Ductile Valve Manifold


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