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Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve ZDB10VB2-4X/100V

Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve ZDB10VB2-4X/100V

Our mission is to serve our customers as a trusted ally, providing you with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Since many vacuum processes are critical steps in applications, we vow to make sure that our customers have what they need to run their vacuum equipment and processes with maximum efficiency and relia…
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Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve ZDB10VB2-4X/100V

Our mission is to serve our customers as a trusted ally, providing you with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Since many vacuum processes are critical steps in applications, we vow to make sure that our customers have what they need to run their vacuum equipment and processes with maximum efficiency and reliability. We will be there when you need us.if you’re looking for Hydraulic Pumps,Pumps,Hydraulic Motors,Motors,Hydraulic Cylinder,Air Cylinders,Solenoid Valves,Pressure Valves,Check Valves, Flow Valves, Proportional Valves, Filter Elements,Fittings,Gas Claw,Vacuum,Connectors,Components and Accessories,Auto spare parts, then you’ve come to the right place., enable Leader to greatly enhance quality deeply and broadly, and continue towards the top goal; with rigorous and far-reaching quality strategy and perseverance

Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve Types ZDB and Z2DB
Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve ZDB10VB2-4X/100V
Nominal size 6
Component series 4X
Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
Maximum flow 60 L/min
Nominal Size 10
Component series 4X
Maximum operating pressure 315 bar [4600 psi]
Maximum flow 100 l/min [26.4 US gpm]
– Sandwich plate valve
– Connection location to DIN 24340 form A (without locating pin), (standard)
– Connection location to ISO 4401-03-02-0-94 (with locating pin), (ordering code …/60)
– 4 pressure stages
– 5 circuit options
– With 1 or 2 pressure valve cartridges
– 4 adjustment elements for pressure adjustment, optional• Rotary knob• Sleeve with hexagon and protective cap• Lockable rotary knob with scale• Rotary knob with scale
Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve Types ZDB and Z2DB, Size 6
Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve ZDB10VB2-4X/100V
Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve Types ZDB and Z2DB, Size 10
Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve ZDB10VB2-4X/100V
Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve Types ZDB and Z2DB Model List:

R900510772 Z2DB10VC1-4X/100V
R900435042 Z2DB10VC1-4X/200
R900437272 Z2DB10VC1-4X/200V
R901122346 Z2DB10VC1-4X/200VSO30
R900967915 Z2DB10VC1-4X/315
R900552548 Z2DB10VC1-4X/50V
R900422071 Z2DB10VC2-4X/100
R900904299 Z2DB10VC2-4X/100P080
R900425700 Z2DB10VC2-4X/100V
R900430550 Z2DB10VC2-4X/200
R900496390 Z2DB10VC2-4X/200V
R900429310 Z2DB10VC2-4X/200VSO30
R900431828 Z2DB10VC2-4X/315
R900411430 Z2DB10VC2-4X/315V
R900537026 Z2DB10VC2-4X/315VSO30
R900441974 Z2DB10VC2-4X/50V
R900598834 Z2DB10VC3-4X/100V
R900426667 Z2DB10VC3-4X/200V
R900583299 Z2DB10VC3-4X/315V
R900920715 Z2DB10VC7-4X/100V
R900515778 Z2DB10VC7-4X/200V
R900722255 Z2DB10VC7-4X/315V
R900505079 Z2DB10VD1-4X/100V
R900967519 Z2DB10VD1-4X/200
R900443479 Z2DB10VD1-4X/200V
R900967917 Z2DB10VD1-4X/315
R900523756 Z2DB10VD1-4X/315V
R900425928 Z2DB10VD2-4X/100
R901039309 Z2DB10VD2-4X/100-060
R900411413 Z2DB10VD2-4X/100V
R900440550 Z2DB10VD2-4X/200
R901113407 Z2DB10VD2-4X/200-150V
R900434034 Z2DB10VD2-4X/200SO30
R900411358 Z2DB10VD2-4X/200V
R900426100 Z2DB10VD2-4X/200VSO30
R900408156 Z2DB10VD2-4X/315
R900411462 Z2DB10VD2-4X/315V
R900430842 Z2DB10VD2-4X/315VSO30
R900479846 Z2DB10VD2-4X/50V
R900598833 Z2DB10VD3-4X/100
R900500928 Z2DB10VD3-4X/200V
R900587771 Z2DB10VD3-4X/315V
R900580734 Z2DB10VD7-4X/200
R900583042 Z2DB10VD7-4X/315V
R901061609 Z2DB10VD7-4X100V
R900523754 Z2DB6VC1-4X/100V
R900967510 Z2DB6VC1-4X/200
R900514617 Z2DB6VC1-4X/200V
R900909476 Z2DB6VC1-4X/315
R900521130 Z2DB6VC1-4X/315V
R900554759 Z2DB6VC1-4X/50V
R900425648 Z2DB6VC2-4X/100
R900904305 Z2DB6VC2-4X/100P080
R900411315 Z2DB6VC2-4X/100V
R900431164 Z2DB6VC2-4X/200
R900551128 Z2DB6VC2-4X/200MT
R900586830 Z2DB6VC2-4X/200SO37
R900411312 Z2DB6VC2-4X/200V
R900919568 Z2DB6VC2-4X/200VSO37
R900552037 Z2DB6VC2-4X/200VSO52
R900425647 Z2DB6VC2-4X/315
R900411318 Z2DB6VC2-4X/315V
R900448728 Z2DB6VC2-4X/315VSO2
R900461751 Z2DB6VC2-4X/50
R900481501 Z2DB6VC2-4X/50V
R900441459 Z2DB6VC3-4X/100V
R900440998 Z2DB6VC3-4X/200
R900437448 Z2DB6VC3-4X/200V
R900428805 Z2DB6VC3-4X/315V
R900509096 Z2DB6VC3-4X/50V
R900551706 Z2DB6VC7-4X/200V
R900967512 Z2DB6VD1-4X/100
R900523755 Z2DB6VD1-4X/100V
R900569169 Z2DB6VD1-4X/200V
R900529909 Z2DB6VD1-4X/315
R900967914 Z2DB6VD1-4X/315V
R900422065 Z2DB6VD2-4X/100
R900902342 Z2DB6VD2-4X/100-100V
R900411317 Z2DB6VD2-4X/100V
R900422422 Z2DB6VD2-4X/200
R900777081 Z2DB6VD2-4X/200-120VSO52
R900411314 Z2DB6VD2-4X/200V
R900422066 Z2DB6VD2-4X/315
R900911457 Z2DB6VD2-4X/315-300
R900425914 Z2DB6VD2-4X/315JV
R900411357 Z2DB6VD2-4X/315V
R900463267 Z2DB6VD2-4X/50
R900421937 Z2DB6VD2-4X/50V
R900442328 Z2DB6VD3-4X/100
R900500691 Z2DB6VD3-4X/100V
R900438962 Z2DB6VD3-4X/200
R900437449 Z2DB6VD3-4X/200V
R900599175 Z2DB6VD3-4X/315V
R900743351 Z2DB6VD7-4X/100V
R901080471 Z2DB6VD7-4X/200V
R900927065 ZDB10VA1-4X/100
R901133117 ZDB10VA1-4X/100-40V
R900510491 ZDB10VA1-4X/100V
R900501258 ZDB10VA1-4X/200
R900506739 ZDB10VA1-4X/200V
R900596771 ZDB10VA1-4X/315V
R900967521 ZDB10VA1-4X/50V
R900427434 ZDB10VA2-4X/100
R900424537 ZDB10VA2-4X/100V
R900421265 ZDB10VA2-4X/200
R901085240 ZDB10VA2-4X/200JV
R900422189 ZDB10VA2-4X/200V
R900430984 ZDB10VA2-4X/315
R900409955 ZDB10VA2-4X/315V
R900560441 ZDB10VA2-4X/315VSO30
R900432106 ZDB10VA2-4X/50
R900423244 ZDB10VA2-4X/50V
R900906981 ZDB10VA3-4X/100
R900587577 ZDB10VA3-4X/100V
R900449071 ZDB10VA3-4X/200
R900468215 ZDB10VA3-4X/200V
R900589823 ZDB10VA3-4X/315V
R900425958 ZDB10VA3-4X/50
R900507069 ZDB10VA3-4X/50V
R901114420 ZDB10VA7-4X/100V
R900522100 ZDB10VA7-4X/200V
R901032480 ZDB10VA7-4X/315V
R900706121 ZDB10VA7-4X/50V
R900967524 ZDB10VB1-4X/100
R900565776 ZDB10VB1-4X/100V
R900581302 ZDB10VB1-4X/200
R900595254 ZDB10VB1-4X/200V
R900910338 ZDB10VB1-4X/315V
R900967522 ZDB10VB1-4X/50V
R900422073 ZDB10VB2-4X/100
R900409951 ZDB10VB2-4X/100V
R900422261 ZDB10VB2-4X/200
R900422215 ZDB10VB2-4X/200V
R900425681 ZDB10VB2-4X/315
R900409956 ZDB10VB2-4X/315V
R901017981 ZDB10VB2-4X/315VSO30
R900967525 ZDB10VB2-4X/50
R900425723 ZDB10VB2-4X/50V
R900506373 ZDB10VB3-4X/100V
R900583297 ZDB10VB3-4X/200V
R900571103 ZDB10VB3-4X/315V
R900593169 ZDB10VB3-4X/50V
R900722254 ZDB10VB7-4X/100V
R900551707 ZDB10VB7-4X/200V
R901114418 ZDB10VB7-4X/50
R900967527 ZDB10VP1-4X/100
R900596905 ZDB10VP1-4X/100V
R900424559 ZDB10VP1-4X/200
R900471657 ZDB10VP1-4X/200V
R900967919 ZDB10VP1-4X/315
R900402018 ZDB10VP1-4X/315V
R900520338 ZDB10VP1-4X/50V
R900431065 ZDB10VP2-4X/100
R900409959 ZDB10VP2-4X/100V
R900428468 ZDB10VP2-4X/200
R900409937 ZDB10VP2-4X/200V
R900425933 ZDB10VP2-4X/200VSO11
R900503839 ZDB10VP2-4X/200VSO30
R900425927 ZDB10VP2-4X/315
R900774011 ZDB10VP2-4X/315SO11
R900409958 ZDB10VP2-4X/315V
R900580791 ZDB10VP2-4X/315VSO11
R900581569 ZDB10VP2-4X/315VSO30
R900534185 ZDB10VP2-4X/350V
R900422752 ZDB10VP2-4X/50V
R900522880 ZDB10VP3-4X/100
R900583303 ZDB10VP3-4X/100V
R900439335 ZDB10VP3-4X/200
R900583145 ZDB10VP3-4X/200V
R900430129 ZDB10VP3-4X/315
R900431380 ZDB10VP3-4X/315V
R900560613 ZDB10VP3-4X/50V
R900513706 ZDB10VP7-4X/100V
R900562255 ZDB10VP7-4X/200V
R900550125 ZDB10VP7-4X/315V
R900594382 ZDB10VT1-4X/100V
R900967529 ZDB10VT1-4X/200V
R900967922 ZDB10VT1-4X/315V
R900967530 ZDB10VT1-4X/50
R900967528 ZDB10VT1-4X/50V
R900442704 ZDB10VT2-4X/100V
R900967534 ZDB10VT2-4X/200
R900593768 ZDB10VT2-4X/200V
R900505827 ZDB10VT2-4X/315V
R900428936 ZDB10VT2-4X/50
R900434550 ZDB10VT2-4X/50SO30
R900429149 ZDB10VT2-4X/50V
R900587512 ZDB10VT3-4X/100V
R900554170 ZDB10VT3-4X/50V
R900706120 ZDB10VT7-4X/50V
R900527144 ZDB6VA1-4X/100
R900507526 ZDB6VA1-4X/100V
R900426313 ZDB6VA1-4X/200
R900433646 ZDB6VA1-4X/200V
R900509893 ZDB6VA1-4X/315
R900522027 ZDB6VA1-4X/315V
R900967505 ZDB6VA1-4X/50
R900583801 ZDB6VA1-4X/50V
R900437441 ZDB6VA2-4X/100
R900409889 ZDB6VA2-4X/100V
R900426730 ZDB6VA2-4X/100VSO2
R900426329 ZDB6VA2-4X/200
R900593319 ZDB6VA2-4X/200SO2
R900409886 ZDB6VA2-4X/200V
R900513429 ZDB6VA2-4X/200VSO2
R900431071 ZDB6VA2-4X/315
R901132023 ZDB6VA2-4X/315-220V
R900931013 ZDB6VA2-4X/315SO2
R900409893 ZDB6VA2-4X/315V
R900508780 ZDB6VA2-4X/350V
R900431678 ZDB6VA2-4X/50
R900406615 ZDB6VA2-4X/50V
R900565746 ZDB6VA2-4X/50VSO2
R900433335 ZDB6VA3-4X/100V
R900438967 ZDB6VA3-4X/200
R900403470 ZDB6VA3-4X/200V
R900460338 ZDB6VA3-4X/315
R900422828 ZDB6VA3-4X/315V
R900425683 ZDB6VA3-4X/50
R900598663 ZDB6VA3-4X/50V
R900538386 ZDB6VA7-4X/100V
R900528589 ZDB6VA7-4X/200V
R901015320 ZDB6VA7-4X/315V
R900527458 ZDB6VA7-4X/50V
R900967507 ZDB6VB1-4X/100
R900598152 ZDB6VB1-4X/100V
R901035634 ZDB6VB1-4X/100V/60
R900518826 ZDB6VB1-4X/200V
R900909480 ZDB6VB1-4X/315
R900551788 ZDB6VB1-4X/315V
R900967506 ZDB6VB1-4X/50
R900580996 ZDB6VB1-4X/50V
R900431401 ZDB6VB2-4X/100
R900978972 ZDB6VB2-4X/100SO2
R900409936 ZDB6VB2-4X/100V
R900591608 ZDB6VB2-4X/100VSO2
R900429509 ZDB6VB2-4X/200
R900964130 ZDB6VB2-4X/200SO2
R900409854 ZDB6VB2-4X/200V
R900587769 ZDB6VB2-4X/200VSO2
R900422061 ZDB6VB2-4X/315
R901087335 ZDB6VB2-4X/315-315
R900947382 ZDB6VB2-4X/315SO2
R900409896 ZDB6VB2-4X/315V
R900947270 ZDB6VB2-4X/315VSO2
R900940177 ZDB6VB2-4X/350
R900947381 ZDB6VB2-4X/350SO2
R900430645 ZDB6VB2-4X/50
R900722389 ZDB6VB2-4X/50SO2
R900422214 ZDB6VB2-4X/50V
R900431167 ZDB6VB3-4X/100
R900433336 ZDB6VB3-4X/100V
R900716050 ZDB6VB3-4X/200SO2
R900516958 ZDB6VB3-4X/200V
R900564860 ZDB6VB3-4X/315V
R900440160 ZDB6VB3-4X/50V
R900503765 ZDB6VB7-4X/100V
R900518152 ZDB6VB7-4X/200V
R900907940 ZDB6VB7-4X/315V
R900552086 ZDB6VB7-4X/50V
R900507970 ZDB6VP1-4X/100
R900586621 ZDB6VP1-4X/100V
R900447152 ZDB6VP1-4X/200
R900596138 ZDB6VP1-4X/200V
R900445935 ZDB6VP1-4X/315
R900598455 ZDB6VP1-4X/315V
R900507459 ZDB6VP1-4X/50
R900449008 ZDB6VP1-4X/50V
R900423274 ZDB6VP2-4X/100
R900596557 ZDB6VP2-4X/100JV
R900949360 ZDB6VP2-4X/100SO2
R900409933 ZDB6VP2-4X/100V
R900747682 ZDB6VP2-4X/100V/60
R900431047 ZDB6VP2-4X/100VSO11
R900428339 ZDB6VP2-4X/200
R901111226 ZDB6VP2-4X/200-130V
R900961530 ZDB6VP2-4X/200-160V
R900425699 ZDB6VP2-4X/200SO11
R900444647 ZDB6VP2-4X/200SO2
R900503434 ZDB6VP2-4X/200SO52
R900409844 ZDB6VP2-4X/200V
R900430559 ZDB6VP2-4X/200VSO11
R900422075 ZDB6VP2-4X/315
R900437273 ZDB6VP2-4X/315JV
R900760681 ZDB6VP2-4X/315P230
R900425698 ZDB6VP2-4X/315SO11
R900900022 ZDB6VP2-4X/315SO2
R900409898 ZDB6VP2-4X/315V
R901101916 ZDB6VP2-4X/315V/60
R900425810 ZDB6VP2-4X/315VSO11
R900519051 ZDB6VP2-4X/315VSO2
R900561458 ZDB6VP2-4X/350V
R900432804 ZDB6VP2-4X/50
R900409847 ZDB6VP2-4X/50V
R900901256 ZDB6VP2-4X=100V
R900460711 ZDB6VP3-4X/100
R900422338 ZDB6VP3-4X/100V
R900422089 ZDB6VP3-4X/200
R900425879 ZDB6VP3-4X/200V
R900431561 ZDB6VP3-4X/315
R900433818 ZDB6VP3-4X/315V
R900490094 ZDB6VP3-4X/50V
R900501299 ZDB6VP7-4X/100V
R900596168 ZDB6VP7-4X/200
R900503154 ZDB6VP7-4X/200V
R900597389 ZDB6VP7-4X/315V
R900501749 ZDB6VP7-4X/50V


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